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Common Online Roulette Myths Disproven

The game of roulette will always hold a certain fascination and glamour for most casino goers. However, with that, comes certain Online roulette myths that players should be wary of.

You’ve probably seen roulette depicted in film and television a hundred times. As well as common Online roulette myths and cliches. For instance, when the protagonist puts his whole bankroll on a single number and wins a huge amount.

Inexperienced especially are likely to have unrealistic expectations or believe sheer nonsense about the game. Falling into common traps that could completely be avoided. Because although it’s a game of chance, people will go to great lengths to turn the game in their favor.

However, to experience the game properly and have the best chances to win, it’s important that you do away with all that and stick to the facts. Roulette is a game of luck, and there are only a few strategies even worth trying.

Common Online Roulette Myths – #1 Past Results Can Dictate the Future

Of all the crazy Online roulette myths, this has to be the most common one. Many players are under the impression that by carefully analyzing the numbers they can determine which ones are bound to hit next. This is reasonable since it’s not as likely that the same numbers will recur over and over. Unless the wheel is biased of course (something that doesn’t really exist anymore).

Some players even take things a little further, by believing that certain sequences of numbers or colors will repeat. This can lead to impulsive playing and unrealistic expectations.

In truth, roulette is very similar to slots. Where the future results of a spin are in no way connected to the results of the previous spin. In each and every round, you can expect the same possibilities as any other.

Myth #2 – Betting Consistently is a Good Idea

Many baccarat experts believe that sticking to one bet until it loses in baccarat is the best way to go. For instance, they will bet on the player and continue to do so until it loses. Which for the most part is not a bad idea. Since there are only three possible results in baccarat anyway.

However, roulette is a completely different game and this tactic simply doesn’t work. For instance, if you’re winning one type of bet in roulette, or you have a favorite number, it does not mean you should stick to it and double up your bets. Like some strategies would suggest.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite, in roulette you should actually explore all of the different bets at your disposal. However, don’t go putting it all on one number every time.

Myth #3 – Relying on Betting Strategies

Using certain betting strategies can be very helpful for maximizing your wins. Or at least minimizing your losses on days when luck isn’t really on your side. However, many players fall into the trap of relying on them completely. To the detriment of their budget. Then they become desperate to recoup losses and may end up in even worse shape.

When it comes to roulette, never blindly follow a strategy, or fall for popular online roulette myths. Instead, go with your instinct and play in a way that works comfortably within your budget.

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